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The award-winning brand has developed and manages a portfolio of more than 250 rental units and 300 customers which is valued in excess of £40M, our portfolio has attracted numerous awards. 


What makes Nicholson Group unique is that it is a truly vertically integrated company controlling every step from vision to income generation and beyond.


The Group is on target to expand the portfolio of property assets to over 400 rental units and portfolio of £52M by 2025.


The Group holds investments across several sectors including hospitality and education along with having a strong corporate social responsibility community impact in the areas in which it invests and adds value.


The Group investment portfolio stands at £40M and plans to expand its holdings to £60M by 2025.



For more information as to the various sectors within our group please click the relevant links below:

We are recruiting.

Click below to see our latest vacancies across our Group.

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